We dream of making our church purpose a reality. We desire every person to invite others, share their story of God’s transformational power and love our community unconditionally. We will share Christ’s love with everyone that we encounter, which includes family, friends and strangers.

We dream of being a church free to worship the God of the universe in “Spirit and Truth.” When we gather as a body, We want our visitors and members to come expecting to feel welcomed, loved and encouraged. We want our church to experience the love of God through powerful prayer, Christ centered singing and relevant, Bible based preaching. The name CenterPoint reminds us to keep Christ the center point of all we do.

We dream of being a church built on authentic believers living in an authentic community. To be that church, relationships must be the backbone of our church. Our LifeGroups will help us build deeper relationships with each other and our community. Our relationships must inspire us to love Christ supremely, strive for humility and selflessness and meet the needs of our community. No one should walk through life alone.

We dream of building family based ministries that equip fathers to lead and mentor their homes. Where there is a breakdown in the family (death/ divorce), our church will come along side and help strengthen the home. The church’s job is not to replace the parents. Our church will only be as strong as our family units are. We desire to help build up the family unit, not tear it down with busyness.

We dream of being a church with an army of people serving in ministry, using their strengths and God given design. We desire to see every individual plugged into at least one ministry. There is no role too big or too small. Every place of service is important and there is not a structure of value just obedience. We desire for people to serve with their abilities, giftedness and passions found through S.H.A.P.E.

We dream of being a church unleashing people to minister in the power of God while in the framework of their S.H.A.P.E. We want our people to serve within our structure while not being bound to it. This means, if God leads us to branch out to begin a non-existent ministry and this new ministry will not harm our CORE ministries, we do it! We will always consider widening our core ministries to further our influence for the kingdom of God.