To accomplish our vision, God has given us a simple and effective strategy. Our strategy is to keep moving people through the steps of maturity by encouraging personal spiritual commitments.

COMMIT TO COME – We will commit to invite the lost and dechurched to our worship gatherings and fellowships. Our heart is for every guest to feel welcomed, experience authentic worship and hear the simple truth of God’s unconditional love. Through this, we believe the lost and dechurched will recognize and be attracted to the power and truth that is found in Jesus.

COMMIT TO CONNECT – God desires for everyone who has a relationship with Christ to connect with a church. At CenterPoint, we connect through StartingPoint, LifeGroups and entry level ministry.

COMMIT TO GROW – We commit to encourage every believer to grow in spiritual maturity through developing spiritual disciplines and joining a LifeGroup. Spiritual disciplines help individuals become more like Christ. LifeGroups are where we grow together as a church. Each LifeGroup is a safe place where we can connect with others, be encouraged, learn biblical truth and serve our community.

COMMIT TO SERVE – We desire for everyone to serve in a ministry, but we expect our members too. Christians mature more quickly when they grow in a place of service. We will use the S.H.A.P.E. Inventory to help our people discover their ministry. Remember… all ministries must enhance our mission & vision.

COMMIT TO MULTIPLY – God calls us to “Go Make Disciples!” (Matt. 28:19) We believe our strategy helps each member become a disciple- making disciple. Our ultimate goal is for each member to complete our strategy and then lead others through it.